Affiliate Marketing Program

Interested in earning advertising fees? By linking to MyHabit you can add compelling content to your site for the enjoyment of your visitors and earn advertising fees on qualifying purchases you refer. If you are already an Amazon Associate you can use your existing Store ID (Associates ID) when you link to MyHabit  to earn advertising fees on qualifying purchases. If you are not an Associate and would like to be, you can sign up one of two ways:

Sign up through Associates  


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Linking to MYHABIT

Banners: We offer banner links that you can easily integrate in your site's content. You can directly access MyHabit's banners on Associates Central by visiting this page.

Text links: copy any of the URLs below and enter your Associate Store ID into the section of the URL labeled "<Insert_Store_ID>". For example, if your Store ID is "mywebsite-20", then an Associate referral link to the MyHabit homepage is

Note: when you place your ID within a event-specific URL, our site may redirect and remove your store ID tag. However, don't worry, your session is still tagged and will be attributed to your store ID.

Your Referral URL
Women tab<INSERT_STORE_ID>#page=g&dept=women
Men tab<INSERT_STORE_ID>#page=g&dept=men
Children tab<INSERT_STORE_ID>#page=g&dept=kids
Home tab<INSERT_STORE_ID>#page=g&dept=home
Designer tab<INSERT_STORE_ID>#page=g&dept=designer
iPhone app page<INSERT_STORE_ID>
Individual product*<INSERT_STORE_ID>
*Note on linking to individual products: products sell on a first-come, first-serve basis on MYHABIT. If you choose to link to an individual product, there is a chance that it will sell out.

The MYHABIT Associates Newsletter

If you are interested in receiving our MyHabit associates newsletter with news about MyHabit, linking guides and other content, email us at Please include your associate ID (store ID) and website URL.